The Case of The Rattling Doorknob

Years ago, my husband and I experienced some strange phenomena in a house we rented in Anchorage, Alaska.  It was a small house, only about 800 square feet, with one of the tiniest bathrooms I’ve ever seen.  The bedrooms opened almost directly on the living room.  The house did have an arctic entryway, however — a partly solid screen door, then a small vestibule, and then the front door.  Arctic entryways are meant to keep extremely cold air out of the house and  warm air inside.

One winter evening, we were sitting on our bed.  The bedroom door was open and we could see right into the living room.  Suddenly, the doorknob of our front door rattled, as if someone were trying to open the door.  The weird thing about this was that our screen door had a pneumatic closing mechanism and made a loud whooshing sound whenever anyone opened and then closed the door.  We never heard that whoosh.

There was no way to open our front door without also opening the screen door and standing in the little vestibule.  Therefore, anyone who caused the doorknob to rattle would also have caused the screen door to make the whooshing sound.  I remember my husband and I exchanging mystified glances before we got up to investigate.

There was no-one at the door.  We’d recently had some new snow fall, yet my husband could find no tracks when he went outside to check.  He even walked around the house, looking for signs that someone had been there, but there weren’t any.

Eventually we shrugged and went to bed.  We had no good explanation for the event.  A few days later, I was out of the house and my husband was sitting in the living room when he heard the doorknob rattle again.  Once again, there was no whooshing noise, so whatever caused the rattling hadn’t also opened the screen door.

Was this a poltergeist?  I don’t know.  We never came up with a solid explanation for how the doorknob could move without someone opening the screen door.


About melisera

Tori Minard wrote her first story in pencil, sans paragraph breaks and quotation marks, for a third-grade class assignment. It was the dark and moving tale of a Halloween pumpkin. Unfortunately, the details of this gem have been lost to time. Her next story featured a large black dog who was really a demon in disguise. Apparently, Tori was born in paranormal mode. Three years later, it dawned on her that she didn’t have to wait for the teacher’s permission to write fiction. She spent the entirety of her peculiar adolescence writing weird and romantic stories which embarrassed her parents and got her in trouble at school. Unfortunately for her ego, the teachers merely thought she was writing letters to friends. Letters to friends! C’mon, this is dark, creative proto-Goth girl. Why would she write letters to friends when she could bring forth post-apocalyptic romances instead? After a long detour for such grown-up pursuits as working boring full-time jobs (State of Alaska, U.S. Postal Service), getting married and having a child, she returned to her first love—storytelling. She was born and raised in Alaska, and now lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, son, and micro-dog. Her novels include The Amaki series, about sexy fae, a vampire romance series, Legends Of A Dark Empire, and a new adult series, just starting, called Avery's Crossing.
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6 Responses to The Case of The Rattling Doorknob

  1. Shaun says:

    Had the same thing happen where I used to work. There was a lot of weird stuff that went on there and it happened to be at the same time I got into paranormal investigations. You want to be aware of your surroundings in a metaphorical sense which is also known as “spiritual.” You probably watched a scary movie a couple of nights before, or had been going through family stuff previously. Most of this is “cause and effect.” What you were doing at the time the door knob moved doesn’t really matter, its what was going on before that invites this sort of activity. Most of the time something paranormal happens is when it is the furtherest thing from your mind.

    • melisera says:

      Well, Shaun, I’ve been involved in paranormal stuff most of my life, either actively or sort of on-the-back-burner. I agree, this stuff is more likely to come up if you’ve primed the pump by watching a paranormal movie, reading a book, or even regular meditation. That always causes an increase in weird events for me. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ishkotar says:

    I had a similar thing happen to me and my husband. It was late one night a couple nights back, and my husband had just got out of the shower and went into his bedroom, shut the door behind him, and get in bed. I hear these same motions night after night and know them well… I sleep on the couch in the living room off the small hall leading to the bedroom, with my baby. My baby was asleep and I was laying there with my eyes closed, it was dark and no noise. Then I hear the bedroom door rattling like someone was trying to get in the room, I don’t think anything of it as the door sticks and I just thought my husband was having difficulty getting the door to open… that is until I hear my husband in the direction of bed say, “Babe?” as if inquiring that I was the one at the door!!! He was in bed, I was in bed, baby was asleep… talk about creepy

    • melisera says:

      That is creepy, Ishkotar. It’s interesting to me how the creepy episodes seem to increase in frequency during fall and winter. . . at least, for me. I wonder why that is? Your experience might fit in that overall pattern.

      • Ishkotar says:

        Oh yes it has happened 2 more times since and now the door suddenly gets hit out of nowhere hard this has happened twice! really scary!!!

  3. ishkotar says:

    Hi it is ishkotar again, I’ve had more creepy things happen since – the door keeps banging like someone is hitting it full force! and my laptop which was 100% powered off started playing music by itself!!! it couldn’t have unless someone turned it on and i was home alone!

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